Water Filters for Home Marijuana Growers

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The Bud Booster water filter is designed specifically to enhance the growth and flower production of Cannabis.

The Bud Booster water filter removes chlorine, chloramine, and all of their carcinogenic byproducts. It also removes or reduces fluoride which is known to interfere with Phosphorous uptake in plants, thus limiting flower production. By removing fluoride the Bud Booster water filter enhances the production of flowers.

The home grower is the individual growing the legal number of marijuana plants at home, generally limited to six plants. The Bud Booster for the home grower consists of a three stage filter system designed to remove fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, and the carcinogenic byproducts of these. It will also remove herbicides and pesticides.

Elevate 420’s Bud Booster™ is the most effective water filtration system for growing marijuana.  The unique and exquisite combination of treatments creates a synergistic effect removing chlorine and chlorine’s carcinogenic byproducts, fluoride, arsenic, and barium and reducing heavy metals while leaving healthy minerals in the water.We achieve this by using a unique combination of treatments that include activated alumina for fluoride and arsenic reduction, high purity KDF, potent catalytic carbon, and finally a 1 micron coconut carbon block filter.

If you grow more than six plants, the Bud Booster Retail filter which is made for the retail medical and recreational facility may be better suited to your needs. The Bud Booster for home growers comes fitted for 1/4″ tubing but does not include a cold water adapter or faucet. The assumption is that you will either be using a drip system or filling a pitcher to water by hand.

Bud Booster Home Filter
bud booster water filters

  • This filter  is approximately 6” x 17” long and 13” tall.
  • It comes pre-assembled and has quick connect fittings on either end for ¼” tubing (not included).
  • You can easily set up an automated drip system and can find parts at your local garden store.
  • The treated flow rate is approximately 1 gallon per minute (gpm).
  • Introductory Pricing: $348. Shipping is $40 and to U.S residents only.
  • Replacement filters are available.
Reverse Osmosis Home
bud booster water filtration system

  • This filter is approximately 6″ x 19″ long x 17″ high
  • Includes a 4 gallon tank that is 11′ h x 14″ w
  • It comes pre-assembled  and includes cold water adaptor and faucet
  • Produces up to 50 gallons per day
  • Introductory Pricing $395. Shipping is $46. US Residents only
  • Replacement filters are available for $106


If you are looking for detailed specifications about a specific filter, please request it here.

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